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Event €? Virtual Event, Machine Learning .Net Azure Functions

Azure Machine Learning manages the entire lifecycle of machine learning process, including model training, model deployment, and monitoring. You can use Event Grid to react to Azure Machine Learning events, such as the completion of training runs, the registration and deployment of models, and the detection of data drift, by using modern serverless architectures. You can then subscribe and consume events such as run status changed, run completion, model registration, model deployment, and data drift detection within a workspace.

Event – Virtual event, Machine Learning .Net Azure Functions

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Filter by event subject: Azure Event Grid supports subject filters based on begins with and ends with matches, so that events with a matching subject are delivered to the subscriber. Different machine learning events have different subject format.

Event Grid allows you to speed automation and simplify policy enforcement. For example, use Event Grid to notify Azure Automation when a virtual machine or database in Azure SQL is created. Use the events to automatically check that service configurations are compliant, put metadata into operations tools, tag virtual machines, or file work items.


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