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Without saying any word, the boys unexpectedly then grabbed onto Jake's arms and pushed them away from his chests, compelling them to hang by his sides. Like a trained apprentice, they proceeded to force Jake to straighten his back, square his shoulders, and push Jake's back forward just enough so that his pectoral muscles were somewhat jutting, while driving the hunk to curl his arms until his biceps bulged flawlessly.

muscle gay slave

Jake had no chance at all to respond throughout the time he was being handled, and he stood in his stance somewhat dumbfounded. The way that the room light had shined on his body, which was exhibited in the most rousing fashion, had made him feel rather exposed especially when he saw how the boys and Uncle Max were closely observing his every movement. He took it as prompt for him to contract his stomach muscles and keep his pecs taut.

Jack didn't realize that his dreaded adversary had also entered the room and was standing just a foot away from him. Uncle Max's eyes were fixed on watching every Jake's little movement, including how the muscles undulate at Peter and Dudley's touches.

The lewd uncle then reached his hands onto Jake's trap muscles, and with a slight nudge, forced Jake back into required stance. He then straddled his hand over Jake's then rippling abdominals and pressure the mounds until the hunk wilfully contracted them to the fullest.

Not long after that, Jake exploded into one of the most explosive orgasm that he has ever had, with streams of cum shooting into the air and filling up the crevices in between his abdominal and chest muscles. The orgasm lasted for more than thirty seconds, draining most of Jake's strength.

"Would it be fine if we inject him with the muscle sensitizer before the Chair session? I just want to be able to fully appreciate how hard, supple and firm his muscles are as we milk him. It makes me very happy" Dudley further elaborated without any sense of remorse or inhibition.

The room went almost completely silent for the next minute or so. The only audible sound was Jake's irregular breathing and occasional clanking noise of the chains from every time Jake shuddered. The dull moment ended quite fast as soon as Jake could feel every muscle in his body suddenly heating up and rippling rapidly.

Beneath the skin, Jake's muscular striations are transforming very swiftly and growing larger by the seconds. It became a bit more apparent by the second minute, when the muscles on his chests appear to slowly expand, while the crevices in between his abdominals blocks became deeper. Jake's biceps and shoulders were also swelling in size like they never before.

The final transformation had invited audible gasps from the onlookers. To be sure, despite growing in size, Jake's muscular body remained aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and proportionately sized. The muscles had, however, become more ripped than before and his skin appeared to be barely able to contain the heaving muscles beneath it, with traces of veins could be seen across his pecs, abs and arms which. It was more exceptional to see considering that Jake wasn't even flexing.

"I can never get used to this" Uncle Max said as he reached out to touch on Jake's transformed pectoral muscles. He was pleased to hear Jake's mildly groaning whenever he stroked Jake's skin, suggesting that his chemical had appeared to have successfully made Jake's skin more sensitive.

"Ohrghhhhhhhhhhh!" Jake moaned when he felt Dudley's warm mouth securing itself onto his nipple and Peter's fingers resuming his twisting motion on his other nub. He then took another breath through his chest and sucked his core to contract his abdominal muscles.

Get Out by Jordan Peele has been a huge hit with movie goers. Critics emphasize its horror and race aspects, but there's another reason to see Get Out. It brings Hegel's master-slave relationship into focus 041b061a72


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