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Antares AVOX Evo V 3.0 2 For Mac

Antares AVOX Evo v 3.0 2 for mac: A Review

Antares AVOX Evo is a vocal processing plugin suite that offers a range of tools to enhance, modify, and transform your vocals. Whether you want to correct pitch, add harmonies, create vocal effects, or design your own vocal sounds, AVOX Evo has something for you. In this article, we will review the features and performance of Antares AVOX Evo v 3.0 2 for mac, the latest version of the plugin suite that is compatible with macOS and Windows.

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What is Antares AVOX Evo?

Antares AVOX Evo is a bundle of 11 vocal plugins that can be used individually or in combination to create various vocal effects. The plugins are:

  • Auto-Tune Evo: The industry-standard pitch correction plugin that can automatically or manually tune your vocals to any scale or key.

  • Harmony Engine Evo: A vocal harmony generator that can create up to four-part harmonies from a single vocal track, using intelligent voice modeling and MIDI control.

  • Mic Mod EFX: A microphone modeling plugin that can emulate the sound of over 125 classic and exotic microphones, giving you access to a variety of tonal options.

  • Mutator Evo: A vocal transformer plugin that can alter the pitch, timbre, and formant of your vocals, creating alien, monster, robot, or other weird effects.

  • Articulator Evo: A vocal effect plugin that can use the amplitude envelope of one audio signal to modulate another, creating vocoder-like effects.

  • WARM: A tube saturation plugin that can add warmth and richness to your vocals, simulating the sound of analog tube preamps.

  • ASPIRE Evo: A noise reduction plugin that can remove or reduce breath and wind noise from your vocals, without affecting the quality or clarity of the voice.

  • THROAT Evo: A physical modeling plugin that can modify the vocal tract shape of your vocals, changing the character and tone of your voice.

  • Duo Evo: A vocal doubler plugin that can create a realistic or exaggerated doubling effect on your vocals, using natural variation and stereo imaging.

  • Choir Evo: A vocal multiplier plugin that can turn a single vocal track into a choir of up to 32 voices, with adjustable gender and vibrato.

  • PUNCH Evo: A vocal impact enhancer plugin that can increase the presence and impact of your vocals, using dynamic compression and equalization.

How to use Antares AVOX Evo?

To use Antares AVOX Evo, you need to have a compatible host application that supports Audio Units, VST3, or AAX plugins. You can use any of the plugins as inserts on your vocal tracks, or as send effects on aux tracks. You can also chain multiple plugins together to create complex vocal chains. Each plugin has its own user interface and parameters that you can adjust to suit your needs. You can also use presets to quickly apply common settings or explore different possibilities. You can also use MIDI input to control some of the plugins, such as Harmony Engine Evo or Articulator Evo.

What are the pros and cons of Antares AVOX Evo?

Antares AVOX Evo is a versatile and powerful vocal processing plugin suite that can help you achieve professional results in various genres and styles. Some of the pros of Antares AVOX Evo are:

  • It offers a wide range of tools to enhance, modify, and transform your vocals, from subtle corrections to radical changes.

  • It uses advanced algorithms and voice modeling technology to produce natural-sounding and realistic effects.

  • It is easy to use and intuitive, with user-friendly interfaces and presets.

  • It is compatible with both macOS and Windows platforms, and supports Audio Units, VST3, and AAX formats.

Some of the cons of Antares AVOX Evo are:

  • It is relatively expensive, compared to some other vocal processing plugins.

  • It requires a lot of CPU and memory resources, especially when using multiple plugins at once.

  • It may not work well with some host applications or systems, depending on the compatibility and stability issues.


Antares AVOX Evo is a comprehensive and high-quality vocal processing plugin suite that can help you take your vocals to the next level. Whether you want to fix, enhance, or transform your vocals, AVOX Evo has a plugin for you. You can use AVOX Evo for various purposes, such as recording, mixing, mastering, or live performance. You can also use AVOX Evo for creative and experimental purposes, such as sound design, music production, or audio editing. If you are looking for a vocal plugin suite that can do it all, Antares AVOX Evo v 3.0 2 for mac might be the one for you.


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