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The Flood Scaricare Film

My father rented "The Bible Collection" DVDs over the Easter period, but I was interested in watching only two of these and that was only because of who directed them - this one by Italian film-maker Olmi and the already-reviewed SAMSON AND DELILAH (1996) by Nicolas Roeg.Of course, as Roeg's film obviously elicited largely unfavorable comparisons to Cecil B. De Mille's 1949 spectacular, so too does this one to John Huston's notorious 1966 biblical flop. Still, much as that film proved a disappointment, its undeniable grandeur is vastly preferable to the ordinariness and quasi-documentary style of Olmi's effort (the star cast Huston assembled certainly didn't hurt - whereas here only Italian actor Omero Antonutti is recognizable at all, as the rest of the cast is comprised of non-professional Moroccans)!To be fair to Olmi, he handles the events with some imagination - as they're presented in the form of campfire tales narrated by nomad Antonutti (who also takes on the role of Noah) to his people - and the images (accentuated by Ennio Morricone's wistful score) are often poetic...but the over-familiarity of it all and the distinct lack of excitement displayed throughout results in sheer dullness! Thankfully, the film is only around an hour and a half in length - whereas most of the other titles in "The Bible Collection" ran for something like twice that running-time (as does, after all, John Huston's THE BIBLE - IN THE BEGINNING itself). One other asset to the film, at least in its English-dubbed version I watched, is the melodious voice of Paul Scofield (who dubs Antonutti throughout).

The Flood scaricare film


Genesis: The Creation and the Flood is a TV movie that is based on the Book of Genesis, first book of the Hebrew Bible, where creation of the world and Great Flood are described.This film stars Annabi Abdelialil, Omero Antonutti,Sabir Aziz,Haddou Zoubida and B. Haddan Mohammed.It is based on the Bible's book of Genesis is something akin to a dramatic reading with visuals. The text of Genesis is read by a narrator, who at times appears as an elderly desert nomad telling the story to a small boy and other members of their extended Bedouin family. These presentations make historical sense, of course, as the biblical tales were passed along as oral history for generations.It was directed by an Italian director,Ermanno Olmi.The story begins with the creation of Man and Woman the sin committed by Adam and Eve and the temptation by the snake which led to their banishment from Paradise. The story continues with the first crime committed by mankind Cain's murder of his brother the condemnation of God mankind's corruption and evil and God's regret for having created earth. The choice of Noah a just and upright man to build the Ark the flood and its clearing they way for a new mankind the pact of the eternal Covenant between God and all living beings are told through the clear and simple words of an old nomad shepherd.This TV movie may not provide any new insights into the stories of Genesis, but the dramatizations coupled with the readings from the text are often beautifully filmed, and those interested in experiencing the visual atmosphere of the biblical stories will enjoy the presentation.Also,the beautiful cinematography is a delight to watch.Overall,it is a decent film as compared to other Bible TV movies from the said series.

A rara-avis production in low-budget dealing with the first part of the book of Genesis and regarding the early stories in the Old Testament . We open with the Creation of the World, recreating the seven days in which Nature comes to life at the first light of dawn Creation . And arriving in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and continuing on to Cain and the murder of Abel , and finally Noah . It is narrated by a heavy voice-in-off , as in the Italian version by Omero Antonutti and the English language by Paul Scofield . Concerning the unforgettable adventure of Man from the Creation . At the beginning all-enveloping darkness. Suddenly, a child's voice, frightened, questioning, pierces the darkness... The first flickering rays of light begin to sculpt mysterious shapes out of the darkness . As God creating the world in seven days . While a very old man exhorting a kid to see the wonders of the earth. And it is with this child's eyes that we will witness the creation of the world . Adam appears, and is soon joined by Eve. Paradise could be theirs, but as time goes by, they grow restless, inquisitive... They approach the Tree of Knowledge and the evil serpent . It results in the sins carried out by Adam and Eva and, subsequently ,finding distress , pain, and mortality. After their fall and banishment from Eden, they are cursed by God to suffer for their disobedience, although it quickly becomes clear that they have not been abandoned by him. Their sons Cain and Abel play out a story that will continue to darken the Creation until the end of time . As Cain kills his brother Abel and God put on Cain a doomed mark . And angered by the corruption of Cain's progeny, by the lust and greed ruling the cities, God vows to wipe away his creatures and begin anew. With Noah and his family , sons : Shem , Japheth , Ham and wives . The ark is built, the animals led into their pens, and the rain begins beating on the timbers, flooding the land, bringing fear and death. When the rains have devastated the world, the waters recede, the ark touches ground, and the dove sent out by Noah returns with an olive branch - the sign of new life and of a new pact with God. ...In the Beginning . The Greatest Story of All Time...The Greatest Story of All Time...with one of the most celebrated casts of all time! The first adventure story...the first love story...the first murder story...the first suspense story...the first story of faith.An Italian retelling of the Bible stories narrated by Paul Scofield and Omero Antonutti who also played Noah . The title is a bit of a misnomer as the film only covers the first 22 chapters of the first book of Genesis . It covers various Biblical episodes and and open with the Creation of the World and arrive at the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Noah and the Flood . It features overlong , slow takes , non-actors in authentic locations , sensitivity , passionate humanism and even some non-sense Iraq war scenes . Rousing and extraordinary soundtrack by Ennio Morricone , including chorus music . Gorgeous and evocative cinematography shot on usual location in Morocco . There is another better adaptation titled : The Bible in the beginning (1966) by John Huston with Michael Parks , Stephen Boyd , George C Scott , Ava Gardner , Richard Harris and Franco Nero play brothers-turned-enemies .This strangely mounted production was produced by Rai 1 , Lux Vide , Lube, Biblical Studio Morocco and being well directed by ErmannoOlmi , though it doesn't gives the feel of a Cecil B De Mille spectacle . Olmi was a good and artistic filmmaker who made thought-provoking and sensitive films . Olmi was really influenced by the work of Roberto Rosselini. He usually includes social commentaries , overlong , slow-moving takes and using non-actors in authentic locations who frequently participate in dances . His best films were : The Tree of Wooden Clogs (1978) , The Legend of the Holy Drinker (1988) and Il mestiere delle armi (2001) . He also directed and produced a lot of documentaries. Rating 6/10 . The film will appeal to religious people .

Just watched this film and I feel it is a much better film than it's rating suggests. Desperate story of one mans desperate attempt to reach the UK at any cost and of a hard - keeping to the rule book immigration officer. Great performances by all starring. I give it 8/10. Watch it it's a good film

A somewhat intriguing look at immigration and the border officials who handle it. The story works quite well with its limited use of location, with much of the narrative shifting between the interview between Wendy and Haile, and Haile's journey to get to the UK. It does a decent job of showing both the perspectives of border officials and refugees.Lena Headey's acting is fine, but Ivanno Jeremiah is fantastic, having to showcase a lot of emotion, and dig deep within his character's psyche. Through his journey from Eritrea to the UK you can understand the tough choices he has to make, such as when he attacks a police officer to allow others to escape. The film doesn't justify his actions, making him a more interesting character by not taking the moral option at every turn.For negatives, there is a lack of narrative momentum during the second act, and some emotional beats for Haile feel a bit over-cooked. Wendy's sub-plot involving her divorce could have tied back to the overall story a little more as well.However, this is far from the propaganda piece a lot of reviewers have claimed this film to be. Showcasing something you disagree with doesn't equal propaganda. Most people seem to be dismissing this for political reasons alone rather than the actual qualities that make up a film. Characters from both sides have actual nuance, as demonstrated through the immigrants in 'The Jungle' looking to exploit others for their own gain, whilst some border officials are merely looking to fast-track immigrants to meet quotas. There are morally questionable people on both sides, but there are good people there trying to make the system work.Actually look at the film as a whole, rather than just use politics to justify giving it a 1/10. I'm not left-wing and I was able to judge the film without the lens of politics interfering.

I really wanted to like this movie, as the concept of a waterlogged London intrigued me and I love a vast majority of the cast. But what a bitter disappointment. Granted the photography and special effects are great and very cleverly done. And the music is decent. Everything else however went down under-water like a sunken ship.The story and concept were really intriguing. But it wasn't told very well. Why? Because the film is very stodgily paced, while the subplots are badly underdeveloped and clichéd and the climax is very badly botched. Then we have flat direction and an awful script. Even the acting was disappointing. Robert Carlyle, Tom Courtenay and David Suchet are truly talented characters, but their characters are not interesting. Neither are everyone else's. In fact all the characters are very cardboard especially Jessalyn Gilsig's and Joanne Whalley's.Overall, a big disappointment, looks great but it is badly told and dull. 4/10 Bethany Cox


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