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142 - Google Drive LINK

This is the setup. I have class meets session named as "CAD 142...", "CAD 242..." and "CAD 203..." so the recorded sessions are named as such. The session also are incrementally named as "CAD 142 #01", "CAD 142 #02".... Every couple hours I would like to run an Automated google aps script to move "CAD 142..." recordings to a folder "Classes\CAD 142\Fall 2021\Recordings" and "CAD 242..." recordings to "Classes\CAD 242\Fall 2021\Recordings"...

142 - Google Drive

Just asking if this is possible with google app scripts. This is something I know I could write up with a visual basic script in windows but need to be able to have this done on my google files without my computer being on all the time.

You can use Google Drive for desktop to stream My Drive and Shared drives files directly from the cloud. This desktop application allows you to open and edit most document types directly out of Drive for desktop. When you make edits to the file, the changes are automatically saved in Drive for desktop and synced back to the cloud when an internet connection is available.

Installed Rclone beta with the very good video from spaceinvaders. Did everything like he has done to mount google drive in the folder /mnt/disks/google-drive. Set the smb extra lines, mount and unmountscripts like in the descreption below the video Now I can see the share "google-drive" in the finder on my macbook. Actually fine so far. But it is unbelievable slow and stocks allways again and again.

My goal is tho sync two ways from google drive to in a folder in unraid. Share this folder and connct every user/machine to this folder. Tried the half night to figuered out how it works - unfortunately unsuccessful.

Current status: I have 2 directories which I want to synchronize. One is in google drive and one on a share on the server. Both have exactly the same content. Is it possible with rclone or does the target directory have to be empty for rclone?

As it is known to all, there are plenty of hard drive brands with various capacities on the drive market. Therefore, you may wonder which should I buy. When you are determined to buy a certain capacity hard drive, then choosing a suitable drive will be much easier.

For instance, if you want to purchase a 500GB hard drive, Seagate st500lt012-1dg142 is strongly recommended. Here, MiniTool will respectively introduce its general information (such as the disk family, capacity) and specific information (write/read speed, physical features) to you.

Read here, you may have a rough understanding of the Seagate st500lt012-1dg142. What advantages and disadvantages it has compared with other similar hard drives? The next part will talk about this topic.

The professional hard drive analysis website UserBenchmark concludes some results. The average benchmark of Seagate Momentus Thin st500lt012 1dg142 is 59.6% lower than the average hard drive benchmark.

Its sequential mixed IO speed is only 38.2MB/s, while the 4k random write speed is 0.67MB/s. This is not good enough compared with other similar hard drives. In fact, this is a weakness of the drive. However, it works well in other aspects. For instance, its average 4k random mixed IO speed reaches 0.5MB/s and the average sequential read speed reaches 75.8MB/s.

In fact, each hard drive has its own strengths and weaknesses. The key point is that what you need. For example, you need fast write/speed but you have to forgive other flaws of the drive. It is suggested that you make a comparison before purchasing one. After that, pick one that satisfies your demands at most with least flaws.

JPMorgan is digitizing remittance information that comes in lockboxes. It provides this information to clients in order to provide deep insights into the progress of their business. JPMorgan clients can utilize this information coming from a lockbox to effectively address any customer enquiries, cash forecasting and to enhance the posting of financial transaction to their receivable systems. JPMorgan leverages the power of big data and analytics to drive value for clients by providing the clients with information for benchmarking their performance against their peers and competitors.

Big data analytics is a huge differentiator at JPMorgan for making smart, targeted investments and personalized customer experience that help-drive business growth, drive better risk behaviours in the business, and reduce the costs across the business. 041b061a72


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