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The e-Omnia FX-Type is is the most capable mtb model in the e-Omnia platform. It is designed for expert riders who love to shred trails and seek out fun on two wheels. The full-suspension frame, 150 millimetres of travel and 29-inch wheels, make the FX-Type perfect for challenging adventures, with all the drops, switchbacks and berms the rider can find.With the powerful battery, the enjoyment just lasts longer.

buy shred fx


"Whatever they say, whenever they get into the office the day after a premiere, they're looking at the first shred of numbers that are available," he said. 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Whether riding on cement or snow, Tony Hawk: SHRED has itcovered. In addition to skateboarding, aspiring snowboarders canjump on SHRED's amazing board controller and go crazy in acompletely new way - feeling the ultimate rush of shredding downthe steep mountain peaks of Whistler, the French Alps and Beijing,China as they launch off huge kickers and pull off crazy spins,flips and grabs.

The authors present a new therapeutic protocol for ethmo++idal adenocarcinomas. It includes a pre-operative chemotherapy based on a four days continued infusion of cis-platinum and 5 F.U. (three cures with 3 weeks-intervals); it is followed by a carcinologic removal realized through a combined transfacial and intra-cranial approach. They discuss the interest of combined surgery which should allow a limitation of intra-cranial recurrencies. The intra-cranial extension must not be a limit to the removal even in case of dural, or even sub-dural extension. The reconstruction of the anterior basis of the skull has been simplified as much as possible: it has been performed either with a bone graft removed from the frontal flap inner table, or with a precut madreporic coral graft. In all cases, the dura has been doubled with a large shred of galea. They emphasize the efficiency of pre-operative chemotherapy. Eleven patients underwent such a protocol; two were operated in a recurrence, 9 in first hand. The preliminary results seem to be promising: the one year and two years actuarial survival rates are 84%.

Two, a lot more technology is being deployed in the markets. There is much more algo-driven execution in both the interbank market and on the buy side. In theory at least, this should make the FX market even more efficient as the algos shred and atomize risk and every action is transmitted almost instantly across the entire market. In practice, as many spot traders will tell you, it can make it harder to manage significant risk positions without the market running away from you. 041b061a72


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