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Rack 2

This rack is worth the wait. The lead time is a bit daunting but you will be happy once you take delivery. The add on are quick to install the finish is great. And most importantly getting your bikes on/off the rack takes seconds. I get more compliments on my rack than I do my bikes. Only thing I regret is not ordering the locks at the same time.

Rack 2

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Thanks for the review, and great pics! I couldn't help but notice the pedal in one of the pictures was awfully close to the roof of the car. Make sure to use the crank arm strap that came with the rack to prevent this from happening in the future.

The Mini Bomber rack works great on my Tesla. SeaSucker has been super responsive to my questions and quickly addressed a small issue on one of the pumps. It is a great product with a good team behind it.

Easy to install (of course) Secured my Santa Cruz Bronson with no problemo. I accidentally forgot my bike was on top of my Mach-e and ran into my garage door, this rack popped off saving my bike from being mangled and my garage door from being torn if. If I had used a regular rack my bike and my garage door would have been severely damaged. THANK YOU SEA SUCKER for making this product for busy people like me.

We've speed tested our racks over 175 mph, in controlled conditions and with adequate safety measures. Nevertheless, going above the speed limit violates the SeaSucker warranty. You must obey all posted speed limits and traffic conditions; if there is no posted speed limit, we recommend not driving above 85 miles per hour. You must adapt your driving style and speed to road conditions, weather conditions, and the load on your SeaSucker rack.

We recommend that you mount your rack where your roof has supportive structure underneath, like just behind the front windshield or just in front of the rear window. Unsupported areas, like in the very middle of a roof, can flex when driving over bumpy roads.

Yes. Most SeaSucker bike racks are fork-mount racks, meaning your front fork gets clamped onto the rack for transport. You have to remove your front wheel to do this. The exception is our Hornet 1-bike rack; check it out here.

The W Series 2 is a 6-bottle tall, wall mounted wine rack that opens any wall to modern, label-forward design. Two-feet tall and available in three bottle depths, our metal wine rack is compact enough to fit in restricted spaces, yet grand enough to create a standalone, modern look on wide-open surfaces. Our W Series wall mounted wine racks are stackable (using supplied couplers) and may be cut, allowing multiple configurations for any wine room project.

The rack shipped incredibly quick. It was at our door within two business days! The rack is beautiful, functional, and very easy to install. The finish is superb. Love the fact that you can seamlessly add to its capacity by attaching racks above and below your existing racks.

I saw this rack system last year at a friends house. He has a wine cellar/room with several of these racks. I felt it was a very good presentation of the wine bottles; easy to find a bottle you are looking for. Most systems you still have to touch the bottles to find something you are looking for. I installed 3 racks and they are very sturdy. Good presentation and I can easily read the labels without touching the bottles. I will buy more racks as my collection expands.

purchased the vintageview 12 bottle rack for my daughter. Finish choice was brushed nickel and it looks very great against her dinning room walls, like a piece of art. Quality of construction and hardware to install the product is well thought out. If you want to display your choice wine, this is a great option.

The W Series 2 is a 6-bottle tall, wall mounted wine rack that opens any wall to modern, label-forward design. Two-feet tall and available in three bottle depths, this distinctive metal wine rack is compact enough to fit in restricted spaces, yet grand enough to create a standalone, modern look on wide-open surfaces.

The original label-forward wine rack maintains its status as the superior storage option for leading design and construction professionals. Perfect for residential or commercial products, small to large.

Hitch-mounted racks are preferred by many cyclists because they are both sturdy and close to the ground, simplifying loading and unloading bikes. A hitch rack is installed by sliding it into the receiver of a trailer hitch. A hitch receiver usually can be installed on a vehicle not originally equipped with one, but it's an additional step and expense to consider.

The Sport Rider Bike Rack for Electric Bikes is our hitch bike rack designed specifically to carry electric bikes with any sized tire up to 5" wide. This bike rack can carry up to 2 electric bikes or standard bikes. If you're looking for an e-bike rack that works with bikes with fenders, look no further than the Sport Rider SE for Electric Bikes.

This durable, strong bike rack includes new universal extra heavy-duty wheel holders for heavy load carrying capacity. As with the Sport Rider SE, this hitch-mounted bike rack can fold flat against the car when not in use and can be tilted for easy access to the cargo area. Also includes a keyed-alike locking hitch pin, 8' security cable, and locking frame to keep your rack and bikes secure during travel. Features patented No Wobble-No Tools Hitch Tightening System. For 2" hitches only.

I ordered the Sport Rider for Electric Bikes based on a recommendation and a demo from a rep of Rad Powerbikes and we couldn't be happier. The rack was very easy to put together and has performed flawlessly. It is super stable and engineered to be bullet-proof. I highly recommend this rack!

Hollywood Racks started in 1973 when we began making trunk-mounted racks in the back of our bike shop in Hollywood, California. Our aim was simple: We wanted to make good quality products that were easy to use and came fully assembled. We earned a great reputation fast and soon began selling our racks to other bike shops throughout California.

Hitch racks is a competitive space, but what really sets the T2 Pro XTR apart from the field is material quality and the sheer number of features it offers. Simply put, this rack does it all. Its expanding wedge attachment system makes for a wobble-free connection, the 60-pound weight capacity means you can haul nearly all bike styles (including many electric models), and you get ample clearance from your vehicle and between bikes. Plus, the optional 2-Bike Add-On (for another $550) doubles its capacity. And as mentioned above, all of the components on the Thule are extremely well-made, which makes the investment worth it over time. As proof, our original T2 Pro XT is still in fantastic shape after four years of extensive use. One final note: Thule recently released the T2 Pro X ($650), which features a similar construction as the XTR but lacks the built-in wheels, has a lower max bike capacity (50 lbs.), and requires an adapter for fat bikes... Read in-depth reviewSee the Thule T2 Pro XTR

The premium vertical hanging rack market has seen a major uptick recently, and Yakima has thrown their hat into the ring with a couple models. Their top-end option is the HangTight, which is offered in four- and six-bike capacities (we tested the former). What sets the design apart is its versatility and ease of use: Unlike the North Shore Racks below, the HangTight is compatible with drop bar bikes, which is a great feature for those that mix disciplines (note: a max of three drop bar bikes can be loaded at a time on the HangTight 4). And we found the design to be well made overall with sturdy components, user friendly with a functional foot-operated tilt lever, and secure with its reliable cradles and ratcheting system. For hauling a lot of bikes with relative ease, the HangTight is a great option.

Platform RacksPlatform racks dominate this round-up, and in our opinion, are the best way to transport your bikes. Compared to hanging racks, platform designs are compatible with a much wider range of bike styles, sit lower to the ground for easier access, and are excellent in terms of stability. Most have two attachment points: a ratcheting arm that secures the front wheel, and a strap that holds the rear wheel in place. This straightforward and effective system makes it easy to rapidly load and unload your bike, and it minimizes any wobble or side-to-side movement while driving. In addition, these racks are the most gentle on bikes because they typically only come in contact with the tire or wheel (and not the painted frame).

Hanging RacksHanging hitch racks are a popular way to transport road or lightweight bikes without the need to lift them overhead and onto the roof of your vehicle. While not necessarily inexpensive, a quality hanging rack like the Yakima RidgeBack 2 comes in at about half the price of a platform model with the same capacity. Hanging racks are much lighter and more compact, which is a plus for those that plan to remove the rack with some regularity. A great example is the Kuat Beta, which comes in at a scant 14 pounds and can be easily tucked away in the corner of your garage when not in use. 041b061a72


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