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Shock 2004 Tamil Movie Free Download

Shock 2004 Tamil Movie Free Download - A Supernatural Horror Thriller

If you are looking for a spine-chilling movie to watch, you might want to check out Shock, a 2004 Tamil-language supernatural horror thriller film directed and produced by Thiagarajan. The film stars his son Prashanth and Meena, while Abbas, Thiagarajan, Suhasini, Kalairani, and Sarath Babu, amongst others played the supporting roles. The music is composed by SalimSulaiman.

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The film was a remake of Ram Gopal Varma's Hindi film, Bhoot (2003), and was released on 23 July 2004 to a positive response from critics and audiences. The film was also dubbed in Telugu as Shock and in Hindi as Bhootraaj.

Plot Summary

The film revolves around Vasanth, a stock analyst, and his wife Malini. The two are in search of a flat in Chennai. Vasanth finds the perfect place on the 12th floor of a high-rise apartment building. However, the apartment has a horrifying past. The previous occupant of the flat, Manju, killed her child, and then jumped from the balcony and died. Malini learns about this incident and becomes oddly fixated with the story. Then, a series of inexplicable experiences drive her to near madness. Vasanth is convinced that she has developed some sort of psychological disorder. He consults a psychiatrist named Dr. Rajan and begins to doubt that his wife is suffering from a psychological disease. The couple's maid believes Malini to be possessed and calls in an exorcist.

Meanwhile, seemingly unrelated events take place around the building: the watchman was murdered with his head completely twisted; one of the residents, Ajay, behaves erratically; and a murder occurs. Inspector Paramasivam is sent to investigate the murder. The exorcist spends time with Malini and learns that she is possessed by Manju. Vasanth goes to Manju's mother, and with her help, the possessed Malini lets everyone know that Ajay lusted after Manju and forced himself on her, and to save herself, she jumped from her balcony. Later, Ajay realized that her son had witnessed the murder and got the watchman to throw the little boy from the balcony, and creating a fake story that the woman killed her son and then committed suicide. By killing the watchman via Malini, Manju takes revenge for her son's death and wants to kill Ajay. At the last minute, the mother comes and tells her dead daughter's spirit that she cannot take revenge from Ajay by making Malini a murderer, so Manju leaves Malini's body, and Ajay is thrown in front of everyone. The story ends with Ajay going to prison and Parmasivam telling him to rot in a jail cell forever. After Paramasivam leaves the cell, Ajay finds himself face-to-face with Manju. He starts begging for mercy, but his voice fades out as she draws closer; it is implied that she kills him.

How to Download Shock 2004 Tamil Movie for Free

If you want to watch Shock 2004 Tamil movie for free, you can find it online on various streaming platforms or torrent sites. However, we do not recommend or endorse any illegal or pirated sources of downloading or watching movies. You should always respect the hard work of the filmmakers and pay for their content legally.

Some of the legal options to watch Shock 2004 Tamil movie are:

  • [YouTube]: You can watch Shock 2004 Tamil movie on YouTube for free with ads. The movie is uploaded by United India Exporters channel with English subtitles.

  • [Amazon Prime Video]: You can watch Shock 2004 Tamil movie on Amazon Prime Video with a subscription. The movie is available in HD quality with English subtitles.

  • [Hotstar]: You can watch Shock 2004 Tamil movie on Hotstar with a subscription or a VIP plan. The movie is available in HD quality with English subtitles.

We hope you enjoy watching Shock 2004 Tamil movie for free and get thrilled by its gripping story and performances.


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